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Sailboat Charter – Jeanneau 36


The Jeanneau 36, often part of the Sun Odyssey series, represents a harmonious blend of performance engineering and ergonomic design. Built by the renowned French manufacturer Jeanneau, this 36-foot cruiser demonstrates exceptional seaworthiness and sailing efficiency. With a beam of approximately 11.9 feet and a variable draft ranging from 4.9 to 6.5 feet, the vessel caters to a variety of sailing conditions. Its modern hull design and fin keel configuration contribute to its hydrodynamic efficiency, making it highly responsive in upwind conditions. The boat’s rig, typically offering a sail area over 600 square feet, enables robust performance across a range of wind speeds.

Engineered for both comfort and utility, the Jeanneau 36 features an array of modern amenities without compromising on its core sailing capabilities. The boat’s displacement of around 13,000 lbs is strategically balanced to enhance stability while optimizing speed. Inside, you’ll find a well-laid-out interior that maximizes space and functionality, an aspect that engineers will appreciate for its thoughtful design. Whether you’re an experienced sailor interested in technical performance or an enthusiast looking for a reliable and comfortable cruising experience, the Jeanneau 36 offers an excellent blend of both worlds.