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Sailboat Rental – Ohlson 29


The Ohlson 29 is a revered classic in the sailing community, designed by the accomplished Swedish naval architect Einar Ohlson. With a length overall of approximately 29 feet, this cruiser-racer sailboat seamlessly melds vintage charm with sturdy performance. Crafted primarily with a fiberglass hull and featuring a traditional long keel, the Ohlson 29 offers outstanding directional stability. Its masthead sloop rigging makes it both reliable and straightforward to handle, even for single-handers. While the boat may not boast the ultra-modern amenities found in newer models, its robust build and proven seaworthiness make it an excellent choice for both coastal cruising and offshore sailing adventures.

Engineered for balance, the Ohlson 29’s draft of around 5 feet and a displacement of approximately 4 to 5 tons contribute to its equilibrium in various sea conditions. The sail area, usually ranging between 400-450 square feet, allows for a competent upwind ability and stable downwind performance. Whether you’re an experienced sailor looking for the feel of a classic design or a newcomer wanting a forgiving yet capable vessel, the Ohlson 29 stands as a versatile option for both racing and leisurely sailing.