Learn to Sail Cleveland

Cleveland Sailing Charters: Explore Lake Erie on the Jeanneau 36 (50% Deposit)


Sunset or daytime, weekday or weekend, sail out of Cleveland’s Edgewater Park with a licensed captain and second mate. This is a 2-6 hour cruise for up to 6 people, complete with beverages, snacks and hors d’oeuvres. Sit back and relax, or take part in the sailing experience!

Charter Deposit: Reserve your Jeanneau 36 charter with a 50% deposit, ensuring your chosen date and time are secured. This deposit is a commitment to your sailing adventure, with the remaining balance due on or before the charter date. The clear breakdown of payment requirements ensures a smooth reservation process, allowing you to focus on the anticipation of your upcoming maritime journey. Prices shown are for a 50% deposit.

Jeanneau 36 Sunset Charter: Experience the tranquility and beauty of a sunset on the water aboard the Jeanneau 36. This sunset charter offers a serene escape as the day transitions to evening, allowing you to soak in the picturesque views with a gentle breeze at your back. Ideal for romantic outings or quiet reflections, the Jeanneau 36 provides a comfortable and intimate setting for a memorable sunset voyage.

Jeanneau 36 6 Hour Charter: Embark on a six-hour sailing adventure aboard the sleek and modern Jeanneau 36. This extended charter provides ample time to explore the waters, enjoy water activities, and simply relax under the sun. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just seeking a maritime escape, this six-hour charter provides a substantial yet fulfilling sailing experience.

Jeanneau 36 4 Hour Charter: Set sail for a four-hour exploration on the comfortable and well-equipped Jeanneau 36. This charter duration is perfect for those looking to experience sailing without committing to a full day on the water. You’ll have enough time to feel the thrill of sailing, enjoy some water activities, and take in the scenic beauty surrounding you.

Jeanneau 36 2 Hour Charter: For those short on time, the two-hour charter aboard the Jeanneau 36 offers a quick yet enriching escape on the water. Feel the excitement of sailing as you glide over the waves, enjoy the fresh sea breeze, and take in the panoramic views. It’s a refreshing way to break away from the routine and enjoy a dose of marine adventure.

Jeanneau 36 Corporate Team Building: Foster teamwork, camaraderie, and innovative thinking with our corporate team-building charter aboard the Jeanneau 36. The natural and collaborative environment of sailing provides a unique and engaging platform for team-building activities. This charter is tailored to promote communication, problem-solving, and leadership skills in an enjoyable and memorable setting.